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content production

High-quality digital content is becoming increasingly important for events and stage shows. Whether trailers, audiovisual designs (motion design), opening videos or after-movies - the range of moving image elements is diverse and sophisticated.


As experienced directors, we have seen and experienced many of these formats in all possible variations. This extensive experience sharpens our high quality standards for the media we produce.


Working closely with our clients and experiencing the events first-hand enables us to develop a feel for the desired production types and deliver optimal solutions.


Content production is more than just an accessory!

Digital productions are an essential part of the event experience, so they should be produced to a high standard and seamlessly integrated into your corporate identity.

content that impresses

In a digital world where first impressions count, the production of high-quality content is crucial to success. It is the key to increasing reach, retaining customers and sustainably positioning and strengthening brands.


Whether graphics, videos or professional presentations - we support you with strategically planned and professionally implemented content projects and work with you to generate enthusiasm and inspiration among your viewers.


one step ahead

It is essential for any successful company to communicate its messages effectively. High quality content that both informs and entertains is very different from the simple "let's produce a video" approach.

Our goal is to create content that makes sense as part of a comprehensive strategy and leaves a lasting impression.


We create content that goes beyond being an end in itself and adds real value by being compelling as a standalone piece as well as conveying deeper meaning as part of a larger composition.

“We have already completed some great video productions and projects. You can immediately feel the passion and attention to detail in the team, especially when it comes to conception, directing and stage management. It is always a pleasure for me to implement creative projects at a high professional level!”

Timon Hans


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Project details

We will discuss the details of our work and the next steps with you.


Kick off

As soon as all details have been clarified, we look forward to being part of your team!


Tailored content production for your event!

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