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event moderation

Excellent event moderation can make the difference between a good event and an unforgettable one. Whether at conferences, company parties, trade fairs or product presentations - the moderator is the linchpin who ensures structure, dynamism and a positive atmosphere.


We provide you with experienced moderators who will make your events an unforgettable experience through good preparation, expertise and enthusiasm.



Find the ideal moderator for your event and make it unforgettable for your visitors.

We will support you!

Characteristics of a

first-class event moderation

A moderation creates connection, provides structure and gives events a distinctive dynamic. But what exactly makes a good moderation? Here are the key factors that characterize a first-class event moderation:

1. Preparation and expertise

Good moderation begins long before the actual event. The moderator must have a thorough understanding of the topic, the goals of the event and the needs of the client. This includes:

  • Thorough research: The moderator should have all relevant information about the event and the participants.

  • Understanding the culture: Understanding the company culture as well as possible is one of the most important tasks of the moderator. This is the only way to convey content and personalities optimally - even if not in the direct sense, moderators on stage are always representatives of a certain company culture.

  • Preparation of content: This includes creating scripts, preparing questions and planning transitions between program items.

2. Communication and presence

An effective moderator is an excellent communicator. This means:

  • Clarity and comprehensibility: Complex information must be presented in an understandable and appealing way.

  • Body language and voice: The presenter should have confident and inviting body language and a clear and pleasant voice.

3. Flexibility and spontaneity

No matter how well planned, live events can bring unpredictable moments. A good moderator is characterized by:

  • Adaptability: He can react flexibly to unexpected situations without losing his focus.

  • Spontaneity: The ability to act spontaneously and to deal with unforeseen events with humor and confidence.

4. Empathy and audience involvement

A successful presenter knows how to build a connection with the audience. This includes:

  • Empathy: The ability to understand the needs and expectations of the audience.

  • Interactivity: Engaging the audience through questions, discussions and interactive elements.

5. Structure and time management

A well-structured process is essential for the success of an event. This includes:

  • Time management: sticking to the schedule and moderating efficiently to avoid overruns.

  • Clear sequence: Clear announcements of the program items and smooth transitions between the individual sections.

6. Passion and enthusiasm

A moderator should radiate passion for the topic and the event. This means:

  • Commitment: Full commitment and enthusiasm for the event and the audience.

  • Motivation: The ability to inspire and excite the audience.

Conclusion: The essence of successful moderation

Excellent event moderation is the result of thorough preparation, excellent communication, flexibility, empathy, good time management and passionate commitment. The moderator is not only a transmitter of information, but also an entertainer and a catalyst for the success of the event. With a good moderator at your side, your event will not only run professionally and smoothly, but will also be unforgettable.


we'll find your perfect moderation

Do you need a moderator for your event? We'll take care of it!


First, we will work together to define your ideas and then suggest various experienced moderators. Once you have made your choice, we will seamlessly integrate the moderation into the flow of your event.


The moderator will work with you to create a detailed moderation guide to ensure that all aspects of your event are covered. If required, we will also assist you with various coordination tasks.


On site, we rehearse the sequence of the stage show with the moderator and optimize all show elements down to the smallest detail.


Which moderation suits you?

Are you unsure which presenter is right for your event?

Depending on the type of event you are having, we will find suitable experts on stage!

“Great job both in the concept development and on-site. Quick understanding of our customers' wishes/expectations. Perfect implementation of the requirements. We look forward to the upcoming projects with you this year."

Simon Stahl

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